What is Continuum? 

Continuum is a powerful exploration of our fluid origin using sound, breath and movement. All live is born of water. We are more than 70% water. In Continuum we explore this fluid ancestry through vocalized sounds and movements.

… waves … pulsations … undulations … spirals ….

These movements have a specific effect on our body. Through these ‘dives’ we are invited to move beyond the limits of our usual thoughts and habitual movement patterns into the flexible, adaptable and unpredictable nature of our fluid being.

Tensions and compression in our body and mind soften, creating space for our natural healing capacity to emerge. Experience connectedness, self healing, re-structuring and re-patterning on the levels of cells, tissue, relationships. Simple, deep and delightful.

How to use Continuum?

Continuum can be done to maintain health, as a daily ‘work out’ (called Jungle Gym) or for relaxation. You can also use it specifically for special health issues, or to balance mental or physical trauma.

In a group setting the amplification of the sound gives surprising effects. The mystery school returns.

An example of how tissue moves when the fluid system is awaken:

Individual Continuum Session

  • To increase health and pleasure, to release stress or trauma from mind and body.
  • Personal check of your breath and body system, plus learning an individual sound and movement sequence for daily use.
  • Minimal 2 sessions, together € 100/ CHF 120. Including telephone coaching betweens sessions. Contact Volker

Volker was the first and so far only Continuum Teacher in the Netherlands. He trained with Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum, and completed the Wellspring practitioners program.

In this interview with a Polish Internet TV channel he explains more about Continuum:

Part 2 of the interview with some sequences and sounds of Continuum:

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