Talking is one way of exploring yourself. Your unconsciousness and unknown realms of power can also be accessed through touch, breath and the power of sounds, that everybody can easily learn.

In my sessions I bring together my whole body of knowledge: As a trained psychologist, sexologist and therapist on one side, and on the other side as healer, bodyworker and sacred intimate/ sexological bodyworker.

Time for your self

In the first place the session is your time for your self.  You talk, I listen. It’s possible to just talk in the first session. It is YOUR time.

Touch and fulfil your heart’s desire

We take time to explore your currant situation and your emotional and bodily needs. We translate these needs in a way to fulfil your hearts desire.

  • Slowing down, mindfulness
  • Holding
  • Touch/ Massage
  • Recognizing, acknowledging, accepting
  • From trauma to relief, from taboo to freedom, from limitations to exploring the edges
  • Using the power of breath, sound and movement to energize or balance the system

Focus on Healing

Sometimes we don’t even know in the first place, what we need. Than it is time to re-balance the body, deal with the underlying emotions, and re-connect your spirit with the bigger Whole. The body is the roadmap that shows the way. For a long time sexuality was the main focus of my work, now Healing on all levels is the focus.